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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Over the top

There were some harsh things said during the debate on the Queen's Speech in Assembly Plenary yesterday. Most them were said about or by Peter Hain.

By far the harshest were spoken by Conservative North Wales AM, Mark Isherwood, who got rather personal:

It is an honour to follow Rhodri Morgan in his last debate on a Queen’s Speech as First Minister, although I suspect that he may not like everything that I have to say. I also welcome back Peter Hain, whose perma-tanned retread resurrected the undead.

He was forced to withdraw the allusion.
Incredible that Bourne left the chamber during this key debate. Isherwood's outburst was clearly a source of discomfort judging by the faces of Tory AMs
The Great Welsh Fiscal Dispensation announced by Mr Hain today appears to be a restatement of the Barnett Formula.
I thought Mr Isherwood's speech was rather funny. Let's face it, how can anyone take anything Mr Hain says seriously anyway. The 'minister for incompetence' has become a joke.
Ah... so well said...However If it were my words they would not have been withdrawn.
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