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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ministerial answer of the week

Kirsty Williams (Brecon and Radnorshire): Does the Minister intend to investigate the claim made in evidence given to the Finance Committee that up to a fifth of the NHS’s budget may not be being spent efficiently. (WAQ55104)

Edwina Hart: No

In character, though.

Should Ms Hart win the Welsh Labour Party leadership, will Plaid acquiesce in her anointing as First Minister?
She's definitely qualified to take over from Rhodri with that demonstration of question evasion!
~ Dr8Ball
makes you wonder where the waste is coming from - poor policy making from the top? At least that would explain the reluctance - but it is very brazen. For some reason the ruling elite in George Orwell's Animal Farm come to mind . . . .
It is unbelievable that such an elevated rhetorician and whose acumen is almost on a par with my own should spell 'Unbelievable' incorrectly on your blog!
you've changed it and got it spelled correctly...you! you.....
oh well
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