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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Keeping it in the family.

The Daily Mirror may well have a political axe to grind but their story today about proposals by the Tories to raise the inheritance tax threshold to £2million still makes a valid point.

They point out that that 18 millionaire members of the shadow cabinet will save up to £520,000 each under this flagship policy. Amongst those benefiting will be shadow chancellor George Osborne, shadow foreign secretary William Hague and Mr Cameron.

They go on to reveal that 18 out of the 32 members of the shadow cabinet will be better off by at least £120,000, whilst the estates of Mr Cameron, shadow foreign secretary William Hague and shadow chancellor George Osborne will all benefit by more than £500,000 each. In total, they say Mr Cameron's allies will make more than £7 million from the plans.

Whilst the Liberal Democrats put forward plans to take some of the poorest workers out of tax altogether the Tories are promoting as their flagship policy the idea of making the rich richer. It is no wonder that voters remain unconvinced as to whether they can trust David Cameron and his team to run Britain.
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