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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ashdown on Afghanistan

Paddy Ashdown has warned that Britain is "quite close" to failure in Afghanistan. According to the Daily Telegraph, Lord Ashdown told peers at question time that:

"Failure in Afghanistan - and we are quite close to it in my view - or withdrawal would have baleful consequences including abandoning the clear majority of Afghans who want us to be there.

"It would allow al-Qaeda to expand from a small area of northern Pakistan where they are under pressure to a larger area of Afghanistan where they are not.

"It would mean the inevitable collapse of the Pakistan government and jihadi hands far too close to nuclear weapons. It would mean deepening the instability of the world's most unstable region and it would mean a mortal blow to Nato.

"It would also mean a severe blow to our moderate Islamic friends who are courageously fighting a battle against jihadism and medievalism in their own religion in favour of its true values of tolerance and civilisation.

"These are consequences that ought to be in our mind."

I reported a few months ago on the more detailed thoughts of Paddy on Afghanistan, as recorded in his autobiography here.
Paddy is stating the bleeding obvious. What a pickle to get ourselves into.
The fact is we are not fighting a war, we are pussy footing around trying not to kill the locals while trying to kill the baddies, we cannot do this we are either at war or we are not, we keep saying democracy in Afghanistan is the answer, well it might be if they knew what it was, but they do not.

We have to go in and kill and sadly the civilians are going to get hurt, but this playing at trying to get soldiers and Police trained up is ridiculous, fight the fight or get out

I found this clip: http://andersfogh.info/2009/11/04/afghanistan-whats-next/
Thought it might be interesting.


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