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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another put-down

There was an interesting exchange in the Assembly chamber a few minutes ago when I asked the Finance Minister about the various policy pledges being made by the three canddidates for First Minister.

In particular, I referred to the fact that all of the candidates had stressed the importance of education and training and that at least one candidate, Carwyn Jones has specifically pledged that, under his leadership, spending on education will be increased by at least one per cent above the block grant allocation.

In response to the question as to whether he will be adjusting his draft budget accordingly the Finance Minister was quite scathing. He did not use the phrase 'semi-detached member of the cabinet' again but he was very clear that anybody proposing different priorities would need to specify where the money will come from.

Over to you Carwyn.
Assuming that Carwyn wins the Labour leader election and is elected FM, that he would replace his Minister of Finance?
I worry about all this training, my grandson starts college next year, they have now decided that he will spend two days a week training, because of the high influx of student. I did a five year apprenticeship with a large building company Balfour, I went to college one day a week, but all my training was actually doing the job with my instructor, college was learning health and safety, learning about laws regulations but actually doing the job was on site, after six months I was allowed to go and do the job, it was always checked afterwards and anything I did wrong I put right. But this is not happening now and the training program looks to me to be getting kids off the streets for a few days, making the unemployment lower, but doing Little to give lads real jobs.
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