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Friday, September 11, 2009

The leadership campaign starts...perhaps!

If the campaign to replace Rhodri Morgan as Welsh Labour Leader and First Minister has not yet officially started then it is doing a good impression of having done so.

Real Labour contender, Huw Lewis has spent a considerable amount of time over the last year building up support and credibility to the extent where he is now being quoted as second favourite by Ladbrokes at 11/4. Huw is staging a Wales 20:20 event today entitled 'The Future of the Left' in which the star speaker is Jon Cruddas MP.

The Western Mail rightly interprets this as a heavyweight endorsement that will enhance the credibility of Huw's bid to lead Welsh Labour. It also helps to keep Huw's profile high in the month that Rhodri is expected to announce his retirement.

In the meantime, the Deputy Minister for Regeneration, Leighton Andrews has let it be known that he will be acting as campaign manager for frontrunner, Carwyn Jones if and when a contest takes place. This news was greeted with some stoicism by the Huw Lewis camp:

A source close to Mr Lewis last night made light of the news about his rival’s leadership campaign. He said: “An endorsement from your campaign manager is like dancing with your own sister. It might be fun for a while, but it really doesn't get you anywhere in the long run.”

It is a statement that is worthy of the First Minister himself.
Huw is staging a Wales 20:20 event
I assume that's better than an England Twenty20 event.
we must be psychically pete cus i knew ther may be a huw lewis with a champagne bottle on the cards
There's odd I thought Leighton is a liberal democrat, whoops I mean an Alun Michael supporter, whoops I really mean an 'anyone who can advance my unbridled ambition' supporter.
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