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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Serious questions that must be answered

This is the footage of the incident that led directly to the death of Ian Tomlinson at a G20 protest in London last Wednesday. It raises serious questions about police tactics and conduct that must be answered through a full independent inquiry.

Mr. Tomlinson's family deserve answers as to how he died. The public deserve answers as to what exactly went on that day, who was responsible and what is going to be done about it.

I know that this has been said on so many occasions with similar incidents but we really do need to ensure that lessons are learned and the possibility of a repeat is minimised.

britian's own rodney king moment peter? Police officers are caught out blatantly lying over their conduct towards an innocent person who posed no threat to them at all.

Clearly nothing less than full disciplinary measures against the officers involved ie dismissal will in any way suffice on this occassion.

Anyone with any experience of the miners strike or the anti-poll tax campaigns to name but two would know that the British police have been doing things like this for years and getting away with it!

Clearly the police have learnd nothing following the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes. It is time that those who act illegally are dealt with by the criminal law, covivted and sent to prison.
A rap on the knuckles will not do anything to change the attitude of the police.
They must be subject to the law they are employed to enforce.
This incident is actually a test to see how much they have learnt from the De Menezes shooting. If they are open and truthful about what happened and allow a full investigation to take place with all the consequences without trying to impose their own spin on it then clearly they will have learnt something.
The way our country is going at the moment we are very unlikely to have any accountablity with either politicians or the Police.

Your readers may be surprised to learn that it's now illegal to photograph a police officer! Similary the government is looking to introduce legislation which would block press reporting on inquests into deaths, if the case in question is sensitive (or will be imbarrising to the government) Not even the "next of kin" will be allowed into such inquests or know the results of such inquests.

There should be no love but the love of Big Brother!
If my readers are surprised at the fact that it is now illegal to photograph a police officer then they have not read my blog thoroughly. I referred to it here.

You should however also read this post by Henry Porter which sets out clearly the restrictions on this power. I will try and blog on this later so as to draw wider attention to it.
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