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Monday, April 20, 2009

More tension on the Welsh Language LCO

No sooner do I criticise Welsh Ramblings for their outrageous personalisation of politics than I am referring to one of their posts as an example of further splits within the One Wales Government. It is not the accuracy of the post in question that is important here but the mistrust that it demonstrates building up within Plaid Cymru about their Labour allies.

The Plaid Cymru staffers who write this blog are asking whether the Secretary of State for Wales, Paul Murphy, is seeking to fix his consultation on the Welsh Language legislative Competence Order so as to get the result he wants. Their conclusion is based on the list of organisations Mr. Murphy chose to consult with, which they argue is biased towards the devo-sceptic.

It is interesting that rather than use the official channels to sort this out with their governmental allies, Plaid Cymru prefer to use a semi-official blog to lambast the responsible UK Government Minister. I wonder if the Plaid Cymru Heritage Minister knows that his party colleagues are undermining his efforts to keep the show on the road in this way.
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