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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back from Conference

I am back home after a very busy weekend at the Welsh Liberal Democrat Conference. I have tried to capture the mood of the event on a series of videos I have posted here and on the Freedom Central blog.

Needless to say the party was in good heart. In fact the place was buzzing. There were so many young people there and a mood of optimism that is bound to hold us in good stead in the forthcoming European Election campaign, which I am chairing for the party in Wales.

The Nick Clegg and Kirsty question and answer session on Friday evening was good natured, lively and interesting, whilst Kirsty's keynote speech was outstanding and impressed all those who saw it, whether party member or not.

We debated and passed policy on small businesses, affordable housing, homophobic bullying, the GB rally, Europe and sex education amongst others, whilst we also launched consultations on prescription charges, long term care and student finance. A number of people commented that of all the parties we are the only ones who still use our Conference to allow our members to debate and decide policy. It is little wonder that the party's membership in Wales has risen by 10% since January.

There were speeches too from Roger Williams MP and Party President Christine Humphreys, whilst we also used the weekend to relaunch the Welsh branch of Liberal Youth.

As if to round off a perfect weekend, I went to see the excellent and very funny film, In the Loop before driving back to Swansea If you get a chance to see this film then do so. Then I got home to find that Everton had beaten Manchester United in the FA Cup semi-final. Outstanding!
Did you hear the booing of Nick Clegg?
No because it did not happen. It is the figment of overactive Plaid imaginations desperate to divert attention from a successful Welsh Liberal Democrat Conference and a resurgent party.
I can remember seeing a Plaid Conference one year, there was a motion before the conference. Equal amounts of applause for the speaker in favour of the motion as there was for the speaker against the motion - so what exactly does Plaid Cymru stand for?
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