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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Plaid Cymru get tough

If anybody still harbours the misconception that Plaid Cymru is a liberal party or even a democratic one for that matter then this should quickly disabuse them of such a notion.

According to the Western Mail, the student who e-mailed Ieuan Wyn Jones to complain about his party's unprincipled abandonment of a key election pledge has been booted out of Plaid Cymru. So much for their claims that the abolition of tuition fees is still party policy.

Ms. Caiach-Taylor sums up what every student and young person in Plaid Cymru must be thinking: "If disagreeing with the leader is grounds for expulsion, then the party should be a lot smaller...... I have no intention of apologising for having an opinion that doesn't mesh with Ieuan's, or participating in a witchhunt for anyone within the party who cares about students more than they care about Ieuan."

Does Plaid Cymru have anything to offer young people anymore? It seems not.


At best Plaid copies Lib Dem policies, but since getting under the duvet with Labour, they have dropped those policies like the proverbial hot potato

PC are just holding onto what Blu-Labour has to offer, they were in favour of local income tax instead of the council tax, but have done a Ewe turn on that.

I think Plaid are going to suffer big time in the General Election and the European Election in June for their escapades with Blu-Labour.
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