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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welsh leader

At last there is some indication that there will be a contest for Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader. Both Jenny Randerson and Kirsty Williams have put their names down for a members' pool tournament in Swansea on October 25th.

Will this be the first head-to-head in the battle to succeed Mike German?
I'm sure there's some sniggering going on in the Labour camp, especially around the Llynfi Valley regarding this posting.

But at least we (Lib Dems) can have a Leadership Contest.

G. Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
This is very good news indeed. I sincerely hope the whole party gets behind Jenny (including you Peter!) and rallies behind some commonsense policies - not the flip-flopping variety demonstrated by her rival.
If only Kirsty had the courage then, we would have been in Government now with the Welsh Conservatives and Plaid Cymru, with Labour on the outside looking in.
Kirsty - you let us down badly in 2007. You showed a level of political immaturity that will cost you dear in this election. I for one, cannot support you under any circumstances.

J.C. Penrose (Machynlleth Lib Dems)
It is good news as we need a proper contest. However, I will be supporting Kirsty because we need as a party to look to the future not the past.

I also believe that Kirsty was right to oppose the rainbow deal because it was not deliverable. It was not a matter of courage but of good judgement. Nevertheless it was Plaid who eventually walked away, not us.

That does not mean that we should rule out seeking a similar deal in the future provided that it is in the best interests of the people of Wales and can be afforded. I know that Kirsty agrees with that.
I disagree with you Peter that the decision made by you, Kirsty and numerous others last year was not courageous.

I think it was a very courageous decision to stand up against your group leader and vote against a coalition that would have done little for the people of Wales and instead would have only promoted the careers of those who sought it.

That decision was made in the knowledge of the sure fire criticsm it would recieve from some members in your own party as well as members of plaid and the conservatives and the tag of 'rainbow wreckers' from the press.

Courage was shown in standing by your convictions and not bowing down to that pressure notwithstanding that some of you may have advanced your own political careers by supporting the deal.

I for one think that Wales would be a much better place if all its politicians were prepared to follow their convitions rather than their egos.
Can I be Leader if I retain the pool championship title? :)

Jon Clarke
2-time, 2-time, S&G Pool Champion
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