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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Presidential election stuff

The turnouts may not be too high but in America they treat their Presidential elections like a team sport. Badges, rosettes and mugs are not enough, instead they have a wide range of goods confirming their support for one candidate or another. And they do it with humour as well.

Over at Mighty Goods there is a full range of products ranging from Obama nesting dolls to McCain condoms. You can order candidate finger puppets and even Obama shaped soap.

As Maggie Mason reports on her main blog you can also get Palin voodoo dolls and some rather strange artwork that portrays the republican Vice Presidential candidate as a Triclops - unnecessarily vicious and personal in my view.
Mighty Goods - looks like some good stocking fillers there for Christmas.

Republican Condoms - always thought that they were very Pro-Life. In the words of Palin (Michael) "Every sperm is sacred..."
Well at least ordinary Americans can vote for their "Lords" and "PM". When was the last time ordinary Brit voters voted for a member of the House of Lords? PM? None? 'fraid so.
Yes, I agree!
So before Brits yet again take the mick out of the US party system one might reflect on the appalling lack of democracy inherent to this day in the UK party system.

This will be the second time I will vote in the US elections - it's a great experience. This time round, like last time, a good chunk of Congress will be up for re-election. The Democrats currently rule both the Senate and House of Representatives; meaning: the Republicans are in one sense the 'opposition party' in the Senate (equivalent to the UK House of Lords except that Senators face election) and the House of Representatives ('HoR', equivalent to Parliament). I expect the Democrats to win greater control in both 'houses' in Congress.

Americans are usually shy of having the same party in control of both the Legislative and Executive branches of U.S. government. The system of 'checks and balances' work better when different parties control different parts of U.S. government. So expect some filibusters by the opposition party after the political dust settles.
May I suggest that AISA takes the opportunity to take the Mickey out of any aspect of our undemocratic electoral system, taken the Mickey out of our Local Authorities, the Welsh Assembly and the two houses up in London if AISA so chooses.

I was going to say that AISA should take the Urine, but that would only confuse Green Man.

I've got to be honest I like Americans, I've still got my sweatshirt I bought from Province Town on the Cape back in '97.

The slogan on the front read "So many right wing Christians, So few lions."

I just love Clam Chowder!
Anonymous : 9:46 PM > “I love you, man. I really, really love you.” (From BBC’s RED DWARF Series V Episode 3, "Terrorform") … anyway, thanks ‘for your support’ (another line from Red Dwarf). Sorry, I am a Red Dwarf fan (as well as a fan of Eureka (do you get Eureka in the UK?), Blake’s 7, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica (the latest version), etc.

Anyway, I was the ‘alter-ego’ dude who yapped on about how gorgeous and symmetrical a molecule of urea is, wherein it’s hydrogen bonding properties (virtue of its four hydrogens covalently bonded to two ‘heavy’ nitrogen atoms – anything that can hydrogen bond is likely to be dissolvable in water (i.e., would be hydrophilic) because water also hydrogen bonds by virtue of its two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to a ‘heavy’ central oxygen – the dipoles between O and H are such that H delta minus and O delta plus between different water molecules can hydrogen bond, hence why water is a liquid at room temperature and one atmosphere pressure – water is lighter than methane molecule to molecule, but methane doesn’t hydrogen bond well, so methane is a gas at room temperate and one bar pressure. Sorry, my specialty was the chemical properties of molecules as defined using computer modeling (proteins were my specialty, especially integral membrane proteins). “Disclaimer”: I have a PhD in chemistry and worked on modeling the dopamine receptors of the human brain, which play a big role in certain neurobiological disorders.
ASIA are we talking mu-receptors here?

Suggest you have a look at Green Man's comments in the wrong sort of Leak.
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