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Thursday, September 18, 2008

New words

From Steph Ashley:

Bansturbation by the other two parties seems to increase all the time and I can only imagine the climax they're aiming for is some kind of classical dystopia, where any hope of a happy society and any sense of empowerment of people is crushed by illiberal law after illiberal law, and increase after increase in police power, until we all live in enough fear to behave ourselves exactly as our government wants us to.

Bansturbation?! Wonderful.
It's my new favourite word. Please try and use it in the Senedd sometime.
Bansturbation: the act of banning oneself.

Groucho Marks once said "...I would never join a club that would have me as a member"

I too will try and insert this word into conversation at some point.

Also try this with "Aardvark" and "Zygote"
*tips hat*

I aim to please...
Bansturbation has been around on LJ for ages. I generally come across it in Who fandom circles more than political ones - some of the moderators of Who communities tend to go a bit whacko and ban everyone who disagrees with them that Leela is better than Liz Shaw on a regular basis.

When you get five minutes to be spent in jaw-dropping horror at the stupidity of people who take everything far too seriously, google "fandom wank"
Google Aardvak and Zygote, much more interesting.
... might get further if you google "aardvaRk", though...
Don't worry about it, Google comes up with "Do you mean...." anyway.

Spolling wasn't my stong point in skool.

Bansturbation: sounds rude.

Didn't Woody Allan once say "Don't knock Bansturbation; it having sex with someone I love"
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