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Friday, September 26, 2008

Mistaken identity

As one might expect Bethan Jenkins' new website has attracted the attention of her local newspaper, the weekly Neath Guardian. The paper glories in the bright shiny-ness of the site and the opportunities it offers for interaction with the Plaid Cymru Regional Assembly Member.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Bethan has a column later on in the same newspaper complete with portrait photo, the Neath Guardian's sub-editors still seem confused as to who exactly she is. I cannot say who the person in the photo illustrating the website story is but it is certainly not Bethan as the caption suggests.

This is of course a mite-unfortunate but more so as it is the second time this has happened to Bethan in the course of a few weeks. She recently featured at number 50 in a Western Mail poll of the most eligible Welsh females however the paper used an incorrect photograph to illustrate the achievement. Perhaps the respective picture editors need to sort out their files.
Perhaps Beth Jenkins is busy finding herself. In her own photos on her own website she does seem to be looking up into space - perhaps in their failure to deliver tangibles Plaid are going for the spaced-out look hoping to distract the Welsh electorate from the uncomfortable fact that except in matters of fluff Plaid have failed to deliver and show no gumption of delivering anything of substance in the near future. Welsh economy? Yes, Wales should have one.
It doesnt actually give you the web address to go to see the 'new' website either...

God the Neath Guardian are so crap.
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