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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mistaken identity (again!)

This morning's Western Mail reports on a significant gaffe by Welsh Conservative Finance Spokesperson, Angela Burns and makes one of its own by illustrating its story with a picture of former Labour AM, Christine Gwyther, who Angela beat in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire and who will not be amused at being mistaken for her successor by the paper's picture editor.

In an exclusive interview with Welsh Liberal Democrat blogger, Bob Innes, Angela Burns demands "more powers to keep money in Wales for Wales". She also says that she would like to "levy a small charge on some of the companies that use us as a gateway and I would re-invest that money in developing business", an additional Welsh tax on business if ever there was one.

Angela states that if she was Finance Minister she would "demand our fair share" of resources, hinting at support for a reform of the Barnett formula and that she would "give the less well off the opportunity to get help and money without being made to feel that they have to beg for it", a hint that she believes that social security benefits might be better administered from Cathays Park.

Credit is due to John Dixon, who picked up on the significance of these statements before anybody else and who is no doubt the source of Matt Wither's news story. Angela has of course denied it all. She has released a statement denying she had called for tax powers to be devolved and claiming her comments had been misinterpreted: “What I am suggesting is that we need to think smarter and work harder to make money being invested in Wales work better for Wales.”

Except that that is not what she said at all.
Peter, we shouldn't be surprised, conservatives do favour taxpayer bail-outs when it involves their own interest groups - ask the aristocracy, the farmers and now the bankers. Even the USA now has a sort of back-to-front socialist approach, thanks to the hyper conservative 'w' !!
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