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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Minister dodges the question

Oh dear! It is still early in the tenure of the One Wales Government and already the Deputy Housing Minister believes herself to be cornered and forced to come out fighting with wild claims:

She responded to claims made earlier this week by Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black that Wales’ affordable housing stock was shrinking in size with demolitions and sales outstripping the addition of new homes by launching blistering criticism of his party.

Ms Davies said: “Don’t forget, they chose opposition – not once but twice – last year. With difficult financial times ahead they were too afraid to come into government with us or to go back into government with Labour. No, they want the comfort zone of opposition when difficult decisions must be made. That’s where they belong and what they were made for – whoever leads them.

“Plaid Cymru stepped up to the plate, and is prepared to take on the responsibility of government even when times are tough.”

So how exactly does this justify Plaid Cymru making promises it cannot keep? These were promises by the way that were not in the Rainbow Coalition Agreement because on this issue at least we were more realistic about what could be achieved and concentrated on putting proper measures in place without the distraction of impossible targets.

The fact is, and Jocelyn knows this because she was there, the Welsh Liberal Democrats chose to go into coalition but Plaid opted to work with Labour instead. They did so at a meeting at which both coalition documents were on the table and having made that choice they now have a responsibility to deliver on it.

It does not help Plaid by seeking to avoid the responsibilities they voluntarily took on through such diversionary tactics. This is their test as a party of government. Can they deliver? We will see.
I think George Orwell referred to it as "Newsspeak"; Plaid are certainly learning about Spin from their Labour Masters.
Talking of Newsspeak, might it be worth remembering that Plaid "opted" to chummy up with Labour because Kirsty Williams's vehement opposition to the Rainbow Coalition, and subsequent action, undermined the whole idea.

Quite interesting that someone who put her own views before those of her Welsh party colleagues (let alone the good of Wales) is now tipped to be their leader.

This level of forgiveness is quite remarkable.
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