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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meanwhile..in other news.

The Times reports on an altercation between Torbay MP, Adrian Sanders and former Liberal Democrat press guru and chair of Liberal Vision, Mark Littlewood.

The paper tells us that: Mr Littlewood shouted an encouraging remark at Mr Sanders who, in the words of one startled witness, “just flipped”, launching himself at his psephological nemesis.

“It was extraordinary - a kind of Prescott moment, in a very Lib Dem sort of way,” said the onlooker.

Stewards have declined to take any further action, but a party spokesman said: “There was a bit of an argument and Mr Littlewood may have fallen over.”

Mr Sanders could not be reached for comment, but his MySpace playlist includes the prophetic I Predict a Riot.

I have only met Mr. Lttlewood once, when he appeared in front of a meeting of Welsh Liberal Democrat AMs and MPs to explain how he was going to help Lembit Őpik keep a low profile over his split with Sian Lloyd and subsequent infatuation with a Cheeky Girl.

He had equal success with this as he did in promoting Ming Campbell, right up to the moment when he overspun the leader's speech to conference and left for pastures new.

His latest venture, Liberal Vision has just published a report predicting that huge numbers of our MPs will be swept away by the Tories at the next election. Quite how this amounts to a Liberal vision is difficult to quantify. On the contrary this sort of activity appears to suffer from blinkered vision and does more to help David Cameron than the Liberal Democrats.

No doubt Mr. Littlewood will be avoiding the Torbay area when he next travels to promote his little grouping.
Well spotted, Peter. I have elucidated on this here - http://orangebyname.blogspot.com/2008/09/exclusive-eye-witness-account-of-adrian.html
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