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Friday, September 19, 2008


Rhodri Morgan fires the first shots for the defence in the run-up to the Labour Party Conference by telling the Western Mail that plotters hoping to remove Gordon Brown are “insane”. He said MPs who wanted a change of leadership should be focusing on riding out the economic storm and attacking David Cameron’s Conservatives.

Rhodri will not actually be in Manchester for his party's conference. Instead he will be representing Wales in Valhalla, Kentucky at the Ryder Cup. He may be relieved to have this little diversion from the realities of Labour internal politics because it is looking increasingly unlikely that his colleagues will be taking his advice.

The First Minister's only comfort is that of all the parts of the United Kingdom, Wales appears to be the most loyal to the party leader. There is no sign yet that any Welsh MPs have asked for nomination forms despite rumours to the contrary.
The longer Gordon stays in post the better....the longer he stays the more unpopular he'll become.

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