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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A curious relationship

The first day back after summer recess yesterday led to a varied and rather long Plenary session. It was also the first opportunity to take stock of the changes that had taken place over the summer within the One Wales Government and to evaluate how both sides in the coalition are settling down with each other.

Sure enough the new Heritage Minister, Alun Ffred Jones was soon on his feet making a statement about the Olympics and the Labour Spokesperson on the subject was there to greet him:

Alun Davies: I add my words of welcome and congratulations to the new Minister on his appointment. I hope that we will be able to continue working in this curious relationship between a party spokesperson and a Minister—not quite a shadow, but not quite a cheerleader—that we have developed over the last year.

It was not surprising that the Minister was slightly bemused:

Alun Ffred Jones: Thank you for your kind words, Alun, and may our curious relationship continue on its tortuous path. [Laughter.]

What can be going on?
Alun Ffred Jones does have a great dry wit that many people may not have experienced. I expect him to be the entertainment during many a dull plenary. Expect a few more of these types of blogs I’d bet.
yes i remember when he chaired the agriculture committee and Carwyn said that he would throw his full weight behind some issue or other. Alun ffreds response was that he was glad that the Minister would be throwing his considerable weight behind it. Carwyn then tongue in cheek declared that the chairs comments were fattist. my god i should get out more.....but Che is right - he has a cracking sense of humour
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