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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

That day again

Suddenly, I am wary about believing anything I read in the papers.

Did Nick Clegg really tell GQ magazine that he has slept with as many as 30 women and considers himself a competent lover or are the media pulling our leg?

Is Carrie Bradshaw really leaving the realm of fiction to attend the Guardian Hay Festival alongside Aleksandr Isaevich Solzenitsyn?

Does Iain Dale really expect us to believe that the Centre For Um is very influential in LibDem circles?

And did somebody really complain that a recent Barclaycard advert on TV was anti-Welsh because of a throwaway quip about somebody's German-sounding name? Oh, wait that last one must be true as I am quoted in the article. Or am I?

April Fool's day is here again and it is no laughing matter. Many of us are scouring the papers determined not to be caught out, hoping that we do not embarrass ourselves with our work colleagues by quoting as fact some prank that everybody else has seen through straight away.

I don't have time to even start to take in all the pranks that adorn the media today so I am not going to try. But really Nick, if you were not winding us up then maybe you could be a bit more discreet the next time you talk to a magazine journalist. I don't mind your candour, in fact it is quite refreshing, but all you are doing is playing into the media's obsession with trivia rather than real news.

Oh well, there goes any popularity I had in the Leaders' office.
Sam Coates of the Times quoted the Clegg interview yesterday: http://timesonline.typepad.com/politics/2008/03/nick-clegg-talk.html so more fool him if it is a prank.
It was on Newsnight as well. My point was not that it was a prank but that as news it ranked as trivia equivalent to one. It is funny how nobody ever asks Lembit the same question.
As usual the complainent about the Barclaycard ad totally missed the point. The joke was on the guy who made the remark, not the Welsh.

Did Nick Clegg sleep with 30 sequentially or at the same time? I think we should be told.
they're no doubt afraid of the descriptive nature at which he would provide his answer!
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