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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Welsh blog wins Lib Dem award

The Liberal Democrat Campaign for Gender Balance awards for women bloggers came to a head in an award ceremony last night. Two Welsh bloggers had been shortlisted for best blog by a non-Liberal Democrat woman. They were Betsan Powys and Bethan Jenkins. The results are here.

As you can see Betsan Powys won a well-deserved award in a competition presided over by a number of distinguished judges. There is a certificate, which I will be passing onto her in due course.

Update: I have now had the list of judges. They were:

Thats a farce
She is a professional for a start and blogs infrequently.
Why were some excellent women bloggers ignored by you - do you not read the blogs?
I was pleased to be nominated, but I am also glad that Betsan won it. I think her blog is a superb read.
Isn't Betsan Powys's blog really a BBC blog paid/subsidized by the BBC? Is it fair to award her when her blog is built by BBC technicians and supported by the BBC?
Betsan's status and the status of her blog is not relevant. She was shortlisted along with a number of other women bloggers around the UK and she won fair and square on the basis of producing a consistently high quality, original, accessible and newsy blog. She deserved it.
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