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Monday, November 05, 2007

The real face of Toryism?

All of the papers this morning report on unrepentant Conservative parliamentary candidate, Nigel Hastilow, who stepped down last night after a storm of protest over his remarks that Enoch Powell was right to make his notorious "rivers of blood speech" on the effects of immigration in Britain.

He fell on his sword rather than apologise for his remarks, though according to the Guardian, comments on Conservative Home seems to indicate that there are still a lot of Tories who support him in what he said:

His views sparked a lively debate on the Conservative Home website, showing the party is still deeply divided over immigration. Bunny Blenkinsop wrote: "Terrible, terrible waste of talent. Political correctness gone mad, if you ask me. This is a dark day for our party and a dark day for democracy." Another, Edison Smith, said: "It is sad, but he's done the right thing. There were a million ways he could talk sensibly and moderately about immigration. He didn't have to go anywhere near Enoch Powell."

Questions remain as to why David Cameron waited for 24 hours before taking action and why he has not yet condemned what Mr. Hastilow said. However, before Labour politicians get too carried away they should reflect that both the Government and the official opposition have themselves been playing fast and loose with this issue in recent weeks.

What, for example, is Gordon Brown's pledge to find "British jobs for every British worker", if not a coded message to those concerned about immigration that he is on their side? It is a line reflected in much of the tabloid press. In addition, only a few days ago David Cameron himself, told us that he believes that net immigration is "currently too high."

Pleased as I am that Mr. Hastilow has stood down, my concern remains that much of the language of politics still encourages racism. Until we change the terms of the debate then we will continue to struggle with this matter, and with errant candidates who are not so adept in the words that they chose as more senior politicians.
Any covert or encouraging words that engender or encourage racist views is classified as HATE speech. We have enough of such in daily Rags such as the Express,etc. "Immigrants are taking ALL the jobs" I returned to this country on September the 27th and found not one but two offers of employment within a week. One in the industrial sector, the other in the entertainment sector. I am Bamboozled only by the INANE, and downright INEFFICIENT beaurocracy, from Jobseekers allowance,housing benefits,crisis loans,D.W.P. and last but by no means least H.M. Revenue and Customs, yes the NON EXSISTANT TAX credit system for able single Fathers,who wish to WORK to support themselves and their LOVED ones , who through circumstance are unable to be with them. I have already spoken to your office and shall continue to pursue this matter with you in Person, Peter. I wholeHEARTedly support your opinion on these tawdry,cynical,and dangerous party positions toward immigration. We are all migrants on this planet. LOVE x 23
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