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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More on leadership

I am sad that in response to my earlier post on his leadership, Mike German has chosen to mislead the media over the nomination process. Mike told them that I had been unable to receive the support of my colleagues for the leadership nominations. He knows that I had the agreement of one AM to sign my nomination but that following the events I describe in that earlier entry I chose not to pursue the matter.

It is a fact that Mike does not enjoy the support of a majority of the group. They may all have signed his nomination paper but they did so only because they do not want a contest now, rather they would prefer the certainty of his departure next year so as to be able to choose a successor on their terms.

Such deliberations are not in the best interests of the party in my view nor do they aid the democratic process. These matters should be resolved by the membership not by the AMs meeting in caucus.
It's a shame that our constitution states that it has to be AMs that sign nomination papers, because there would be no shortage of members to sign yours and finally see a change in direction that leads our party out of the hole Mr German has dug.
I admire your honesty and your tenacity, but I hope your party supports your freedom of speech.

I was in a political party once, and when I became outspoken I was gone.

Good luck to you.
If the Lib Dems were ever to have either none or one 1 AM, who would sign the nomination papers?
If that is true Peter then Mike has really dug a hole for himself. I am sure the member that did offer his/her support to your candidacy will not be too pleased about their leaders misleading comments either.
Given Peter's blog entries, it is apparent the Assembly Group’s backroom tactics to keep Mike German in situ (until May or later!), will only serve to damage the Party.

The excellent Federal hustings in Cardiff yesterday, showed that leadership contests are good for us - they help develop ideas and reinvigorate activists.

Most importantly, however, leadership elections challenge the norms and complacencies so apparent in failing regimes.

When will Mike G and his cosy cohorts realise, their behaviour is not liberal and it is not democratic.

Given Peter's take on events at Autumn Conference, I would urge members who have read it, to write to Mike seeking an explaination!
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