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Thursday, September 13, 2007

What the Romans did for us

We have a right wing Labour government that:
To name but a few. However, do not fear. Things would be worse under the Conservatives. Nice to see that Peter Hain is eschewing political knock-about so as to debate the issues. Opposed as I am to another Conservative government, I am having problems spotting the difference.
Hmm...no surprise here then Peter.

Let me guess you are in favour of Remploy even though many groups for people with disabilities have supported the move? And that actually many people with disabilities can be better paid, have more fulfilling careers, and socialise with a much wider group.

You think lone parents should be allowed to stay home until their children are 18? Despite the fact that there are strong familial, social reasons that some work should be encouraged? It sets an example of the importance of work, decreases the isolation of parents, can provide important opportunities for mothers, fathers, and children. In fact the important issue is to make sure that working parents are properly supported. The emphasis should be on low paid families who are one of the main reasons that children remain in poverty.

I could go on.

Indeed your blog seems to see that you are indulging in exactly what you decry Peter Hain for. It does seem to be true that Lib Dems really will say anything to win a vote without feeling the need to be well informed. Congratulations.
Well the disabled workers at Remploy do not support the move. These jobs may be available in the South East of England but there is no evidence that they are available in South Wales. The fact is that there needs to be choice for disabled people of mainstream employment or a Remploy factory.

On lone parents Mr Hain would be far better advised to listen to the advice of experts in the field, like the Child Poverty Action Group, who are calling for improved childcare provision, and extended school hours. That way, people in such circumstances can look for jobs that offer more hours and better pay. My view is that his intentions are right but his approach wrong.

This is not knocking copy but points based on princpled Lib Dems policies.
You missed the bit about winning three sucessive elections - with the same leader.
And what a price you paid for those victories.
"And what a price you paid for those victories"

What does that mean, Peter? Especially as we're looking good for a fourth.
Hear Gordon's been entertaining Maggie for tea today, and the Labour party have employed the same PR firm that helped put the Tpries into power many moons ago.

Sums it up don't you think?
and as I warned Peter, you had a great opportnity to take a responsibility for reversing all Labour's supposed evils - and turned away.

Sorry I will have little time for lists of complaints until the Lib Dem team sort out what they want to be, and under what which leader.

But a good wind up all the same !
Did the person who posted a comment at 2.46pm get his name spelt wrongly? Should it have been spelt "Loony" ?
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