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Friday, September 28, 2007

Tories retreat to core values

The Daily Telegraph reports today that David Cameron is to abandon his brave new world and retreat instead to the sort of core values on tax, marriage and crime that have failed his predecessors, Michael Howard and William Hague.

Green proposals that have proved to be unpopular with ordinary Tory voters will be scrapped. They include taxing people for parking at supermarkets and for taking more than one short flight a year. Instead they will borrow a Liberal Democrat proposal of taxing each flight made by an airline, though they will not adopt the full raft of our policies, leaving them open to the charge of tokenism.

This shift in direction is the clearest sign yet that the Conservatives are expecting an election within the next six weeks and have given up all hope of winning it. With the Shadow Chancellor now embracing Margaret Thatcher as one of 'the great prime ministers of British of the only radical green alternative to Labour. The main topic of conversation with regards to the Tories now must be who is to succeed Cameron as their leader.
Who do you think are the strongest candidates to succeed Cameron? Mike Smithson on politicalbetting.com has suggested Chris Grayling.
Thatcher was one of the greatest Prime Ministers we've had, whether you liked her or not...
The main topic of conversation with regards to the Tories now must be who is to succeed Cameron as their leader.

Not quite yet. Ming still seems to be the main focus of any speculation regarding a change of leadership. And Mike German, of course.
Ordovicius, you missed the part "with regards to the Tories".
I can understand why you want to divert leadership discussion away from your own party, but you do seem to be clutching at straws here. I do not think that Brown will call at election before Xmas - and if he does, it will be a much closer contest than commentators are currently predicting. Pleased to see that you are reading the Telegraph - even if it has seemed to be an anti-Cameron paper for most of the summer. I think David has shown himself to be very resilient. However, I do think that next Wed's speech is a big one for us.
"David has shown himself to be very resilient"

Not exactly. The man sets out on a crusade of change and as soon as things get a little difficult, retreats into thatcherite right wing bo***cks.

Poor old Glyn, why doesn't he just go and find a winnable seat instead of setting himself up for more embarrasment.
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