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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Socks the cat

The Guardian reports that the latest fake phone-in scandal centres on Socks the Blue Peter cat:

Richard Marson is said to have been sent home on Monday after it emerged that the wrong name had been chosen for the new Blue Peter cat in an online poll. It is understood that the name - Socks - chosen for the cat that joined the show on January 9 2006 was not the one that came out top in the online poll and the situation was not explained to viewers.

This is of course a national scandal and will shake the foundations on which the BBC is built, even if they are in the process of moving those foundations to Manchester. It is of course more serious than that. As the BBC source said:

"I think the feeling was that if we can't honestly name a Blue Peter cat, then really, that is perhaps the last straw in this whole fiasco. The feeling has always been that when alleged deception involves children it is a bit more serious."

Absolutely. In my view the cat does not have the colouring to be called 'Socks'. Perhaps they should tell us what name did win the poll so that we can judge for ourselves.
>Perhaps they should tell us what
>name did win the poll so that we can
>judge for ourselves.

Perhaps it was a four-letter word.
According to today's Times it was "Pussy" which was considered to have alteria connotations.

Personally I've never used the term without thinking about Mrs Slocombe's in "Are you being served".
The top-chosen name was, in fact, Cookie. Hardly obscene, or unsuitable for children. It really takes the biscuit..
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