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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lord Bonkers

Liberal Democrat Voice has published a 17th Anniversary Special for Lord Bonkers' diary, a regular feature of the Liberator magazine. Speaking through his literary secretary, Jonathan Calder, the good Lord first introduces himself and then gives us some examples of his previous diary entries.

The full selection can be read on Lord Bonkers' website but here are two to whet your appetite. On the first gulf war:

Yesterday’s melancholy has abated and I am now determined to do something to end this dreadful war. Miss Fearn, with her warm heart, is knitting cosies “for the poor camels”, but I feel that I am yet capable of playing a larger part. However, one must take care not to tread on others’ toes - I recall the distinctly frosty reception I was given when I turned up at Greenham Common with my bell tent to lend my support to the ladies camping there. This is an injustice that still rankles, for I was always a staunch supporter of women’s suffrage. Was I not the first to salute the courage of Miss Emily Davison in throwing herself under the King’s horse at Epsom - even though I had managed to back the beast at distinctly favourable odds?

and on Paddy Ashdown:

I first met Paddy Ashtray in the library at Bonkers House in Belgrave Square. Shortly preceded by a stun grenade and an impressive quantity of smoke, he had burst in through the French windows. After I had picked myself off the floor, dusted down the butler and pointed out that he probably wanted the Embassy next door, he was all apologies. This, I reflected even then, was the sort of chap one could do with on one’s side in a closely fought by-election. His selection as candidate for Yeovil cheered me greatly, and I was not surprised when, aided by the famous slope, he captured the seat in 1983.

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