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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An incentive for volunteering

I have heard about people being demob happy at the end of term but yesterday the Conservative Assembly Member for Clwyd West proved that there is such a thing as being too happy clappy at the beginning of term as well.

Darren Millar is a high-profile Christian, so much so that Labour tried to make an issue of it during the Assembly elections. It was all the more shocking therefore to see him stand up in the Assembly and start to talk about sex in the most gratuitous of ways:

Darren Millar: In the Home Office citizenship survey of 2005, 42 per cent ofrespondents indicated that they would volunteer if they were asked directly to do so. A further ICM survey in 2004 found that 9 per cent of men and 8 per cent of women said that volunteering had improved their sex life. Given this information, First Minister, what measures are being taken by the Welsh Assembly Government to ensure that people are made aware of the many local needs that they could meet and of the benefits that they may derive as a result?

Asking the First Minister how he is going to help people improve their sex lives is a novel approach but very effective. Congratulations are clearly due to Darren for waking us up on our first day back.
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