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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am no mug

Most disturbing sight at Conference so far this year, mugs for sale bearing the photographs of various leading party members including yours truly.

An offer to buy the mug so as to get it off display is rebuffed. They can only be bought by mail order via the Liberal Democrat Image website. These are the same people who conspired with my staff two years ago to produce badges featuring a picture of me petting a goat (It is here if you want to better visualise this atrocity). Needless to say the badges sold out at the Welsh Party's Wrexham Conference, many of them bought by BBC journalists.

I am pondering whether to order one each of these mugs for my staff. On second thoughts maybe I will just buy one for my mother and have done with it.

Update: Good grief there are badges and fridge magnets as well. It is alleged that somebody even requested a 'Peter Black dartboard'. The BBC have the Mike German fridge magnet just in case there is anybody interested in acquiring it.
"Petting a goat" - Peter? I just looked at the picture. It looked like amorous foreplay to me! I'd delete it before it ends up in an EX Councillor's Lap top!!!
"Ach y fi!" as they say in Langland!
Oh postscript - my previous comment "gay Gordons" was blogged into the wrong place in your blog - it was a comment on Adam Price's deluded offer to Gordon Brown.
I can see why that would be very disturbing.

As for buying mugs for your staff could you just warn me in advance so I'm not caught in the crossfire when they throw them at you?
If someone produces one showing you stroking a cat (preferably a white Persian!), I'd buy it.

- Frank Little
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