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Monday, September 17, 2007


Only the Liberal Democrats would have a grouping called the Campaign for Gender Balance to take forward the cause of getting more women into Parliament. In actual fact it is a very worthy organisation that carries out training and mentoring for women and works with existing activists to identify potential female candidates. It was the Party's compromise solution to avoid introducing positive discrimination measures in candidate selection.

Tonight there is a fundraising auction to raise money for this cause. I intend to go along. It is hosted by Lembit Öpik who is very committed to equal opportunities within the party. One of the prizes on offer is a signed Cheeky Girl Album donated by Lembit himself. Speculation is rife as to whether Gabriela herself will make an appearance. I will let you know.

Update: There were no sign of the Cheeky Girls
I see that Lembit has stated that Mike German will put himself forward for a further term as leader.

I wish Mike a happy retirement. ;-)

- Frank Little
Does a pair of twins count as gender balance?
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