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Sunday, August 19, 2007


When I blogged yesterday about the return of the Wispa chocolate bar I failed to recall the connection with the Liberal Democrats.

As I was reminded in the comments it was Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor, Veronica Watkins who, as a young scientist, put the bubbles into the Wispa bar.

Veronica is also Mike German's better half and was number two on the South Wales East list in May. Could this revival be a good omen for the Welsh Liberal Democrats in that region?
Nepotism must be rife in the lib dems!
Hardly, she got elected as a Councillor through her own hard work and was selected by a postal ballot of the entire regional membership onto the list. She is a person in her own right and a very talented politician.
Margaret Thatcher worked as a chemist in putting more air into ice cream, which of course meant more profits for the ice cream makers.
It seems Veronica was doing the same thing for the chockie people. Shame on her.
I take it you have a problem with wealth creation and with ordinary working class people earning a living? Do you take the same attitude towards steel workers producing a profit for Corus and their successors?
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