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Monday, June 11, 2007

Thomas Cook

Although I am not a Welsh-speaker, I find the decision of travel agents, Thomas Cook, to ban its staff from speaking Welsh at work to be both incomprehensible and unacceptable. The travel agents have told staff in their Bangor office - one of the strongest Welsh-speaking areas - that they must hold work-related conversations in English.

On Radio Wales this morning the very valid point was made that customers have the power to change the direction of businesses in the use of Welsh. Although, this is no substitute for effective government action in protecting the rights of workers and customers, it is something that Welsh speakers should consider if they do not do this already.

Personally, I will not be using Thomas Cook's services at all whilst they maintain this policy. I suspect that others will be doing the same.

Peter, I wish you would stop ranting on about things outside of your locale and concentrate on more important matters in Swansea!

It is bad enough the public relations disaster of us looking like two-crossing, non democratic idiots re the rainbow coalition but what is now happening in Swansea is nothing short of political suicide - are we the most stupid party going? Anywhere!!?

Our illustrious leader of Swansea City Council is apparently running around Swansea telling all how he wishes the city to have a vote on whether Singleton Park should be used for 50,000 raves and all night parties! Ignoring the noise nuisance and environmental harm of destroying one of the few remaining beautiful parts of Swansea - this is political suicide!

Hasn't anyone sat down and told him that the areas that voted the Liberals into power in Swansea - Derwen Fawr, Sketty, Brynmill, Uplands - are now the areas where the residents - VOTERS - are up in arms about the raves and students that are destroying the peace of the area!?

If 'our leader' is happy to lose his seat in the next election are the other councilors happy to do so?

Is the party going to be happy to lose control of Swansea and be relegated to 'nothing' in Swansea come the next election?

Every political party who gets into power - Labour, the Tories, even the Nationalists - look after the people who vote for them. It appears the party in Swansea not only wishes to stick two fingers up to the people who voted them in but are now the political equivalent of lemmings by setting out to alienate our own voting base!

There are some 'serious' people with serious money now aiming to take legal action over what we, ashamedly, are doing to Singelton and the surrounding areas. I was at a 'posh' do over the weekend where there was much talk about the next Council election and organising campaigns to make sure that ALL our liberal councilors are kicked out - and I know for a fact that people who saying this now are people who not only voted liberal in recent elections but, in some cases, have campaigned for and supported us in other ways!

What complete suicidal Councilors we have voted into power here in Swansea. They have done next to nothing about the student ghettos from Brynmill through the Uplands to Sketty, the litter and filth has got worse in what was once a beautiful part of Swansea... and now we have the lunacy of liberal councilors supporting something that their own voters are adamantly opposed to!

We have to be the stupidest party in the Western World!
Glad to see your taking a stance over this. I am sure that all the opposition parties in favour of a new welsh language act will be campaiging on this issue. I would hope that Carwyn as Minister for this matter will also be intervening.

Can you imagine the uproar if it was stated that any other race could not speak their language? Why is it acceptable to be told you are not allowed to speak welsh? Especially considering Bangor is an area that has such a large Welsh language contingent!
Are you suggesting a blanket law that means EVERY Thomas Cook in Wales offers their services in Welsh?
Clear Red Water: if I have not said it then I am not suggesting it. So the answer to your question is no.

Finegan, whoever you are, dont be so colloquial. There are things happening outside Swansea of course and I also represent Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend.

I do not accept the picture you paint of Swansea and the way the Administration is running it, largely because it is not true. However I am not going to allow this thread to develop into a debate about that as it does not relate to the post.
Are Labour and Tories now working together in Swansea? The council sounds pretty desperate.
I think it is true to say that Labour, Tories and Plaid are working very closely together in Swansea, however that does not make the Council desperate, just the opposition parties.
I think it is true to say that Labour, Tories and Plaid are working very closely together in Swansea, however that does not make the Council desperate, just the opposition parties.
# posted by Peter Black : 5:47 PM


There is something slighty hyprocritical about that comment saying that oppisition parties working clasely together are desperate.....
Not really. Each judgement has to relate to the circumstances in which it is made. It is not universal.
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