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Friday, May 18, 2007

Somewhere over the rainbow

Despite my reservations the joint meeting of the Assembly Group and the National Executive Committee agreed to suspend talks with Labour and instead pursue a tripartite coalition with the Tories and Plaid Cymru.

We now face a weekend of intensive talks followed by a report back to another joint meeting on Tuesday night. If the Executive, the Assembly Group and the negotiating team all agree independently to proceed then any deal will be taken to a Special Party Conference on Saturday.

I just caught the end of Waterfront as I came home where I learnt for the first time that our Special Conference was due to be held in the same building and at the same time as Plaid Cymru's National Council meeting. I do not believe that anybody at tonight's meeting knew that either. No significance should therefore be read into the fact that we have decided to find another venue for the Conference, further east.

Whatever happens our Conference discussions will take place in public so everybody can see who is for, who is against and why we have made the choice we eventually make.
Vote Lib Dem - get Tories!

Lib Dems are Tories in disguise!

I'm starting to look forward to next year's council elections ...
What an original thought! Well done 'anonymous' must have taken quite some time to come up with such a gem.
Guess this is going to make it quite difficult for you, having so publically said you wouldn't be a Minister in such a Government? (not that I blame you...)
I can understand why you had reservations - but you have transformed Welsh politics. And a lot of it is down to your courage in refusing to be railroaded by Mike German. I am full of admiration.

Its time you updated your blog!

Welsh Spin! with PR I am looking forward to next years local elections.
So, are you still gunning for Mike German? Who as a whole has been an uninspiring and very below average leader by the curretn standards in the Assembly, is the next step to "new politics" to sack Mike German and have a leader that will help the Lib Dems win more seats for once in 2011?
You are lucky you missed Dragon's Arse. Not your best interview, Peter.

I think you do opposition better than you do government, and I am not sure how long this centre-right coalition will last.
I have taped it, I accept that I could have done better, I certainly felt that at the time, but it was a very complex subject and it was difficult to get a clear message across in the time available.
Inspiring stuff, Peter - would it have been better if you hadn't been asked to deal with anything too complex, and had been left to deal with whatever simple stuff you could actually handle?

I think 11 months may be rather to short a timescale to pass a measure and then carry out a full boundary review, even assuming there was any chance of a majority in Parliament to add local govt electoral systems to the list of matters devolved!

I shall be fascinated to see the Tories flesh out their new found support for STV in local govt though ...
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