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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Gaffer

Rhodri Morgan's latest gaff is emblazoned across two pages of this morning's Western Mail. It transpires that he delivered a joke too far at the Wales Labour Party Conference dinner at the weekend:

He made the joke about the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party in the company of the Prime Minister, who has been trying to build bridges in Northern Ireland for a decade.

Also present was Wales and Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain, who has been leading the delicate efforts to restore the stalled peace process.

Witnesses say that both the Prime Minister and Mr Hain visibly cringed as Mr Morgan slipped a joke into his speech. "Did you hear about Ian Paisley's death bed conversion to Catholicism," quipped the First Minister. "He thought it was better to have a dead Catholic than a dead Protestant."

This is of course a very old joke and on those grounds alone it may have been better for Rhodri to have left it alone. The issue is, however, that he does not seem to be able to tailor his humour to the occasion. It is entirely inappropriate for the First Minister of Wales to be disparaging the potential First Minister of another part of the UK in this way.

Another controversial statement yesterday came from the Prince of Wales, who announced to the World that McDonald's food should be banned in the interests of improving diet and fitness. This may come as a big shock to Glyn Davies who in the past has extolled the virtues of the Big Mac.

In August 2004 Glyn issued a statement in which he said: "McDonalds restaurants use 100 per cent British beef, are cutting back hugely on salt levels, are promoting salads in all of its restaurants, and are plastering its packaging with nutritional information."

What I am trying to come to terms with is picturing the Prince of Wales carrying out his research. Which branch of McDonald's did he go to and did he pay the extra for large portions?

Update: The Daily Mail has an interesting angle on this story. They point out that the Big Mac contains fewer calories, fats and salt than some products in the Prince's own organic Duchy Originals food range. His Cornish pasty contains 264 calories per 100g compared to the burger's 229 calories, and 5.5g of saturated fat as opposed to the Big Mac's 4.14g.
And last week Alun Pugh, our health-concious ports Minister made a nice little speech at a Mac sponsered event in the Assembly. Mind you , he managed to speak for 10 minutes without mentioning the name of his hosts once - and I failed to get a pic of him with the company logo behind him.
I will try to have a word with Charles about the efforts being made to improve nutrician by the world's biggest burger co. when next I see him.
Perhaps McDonald's could fund a literacy drive to teach AMs how to spell nutrition too?
'conscious' 'Sports' 'sponsored', 'nutricion'....

All that's left is 'potatoe' ;)

Out of interest, do we have a Ports Minister?! ;)
A toast: may the Queen live longer than the Queen Mother.
Q: "Out of interest, do we have a Ports Minister?! ;)"

A: No, but we do have a Prince Charlie.

A second toast: may the Queen live a VERY long fruitful life as Queen immediately followed by the reign of King William.
May the Queen retire gracefully very soon having signed off a bill to MAKE ROYALTY HISTORY.

King William - why? Only acceptable if he is a bicycling pauper employed as a tourist attraction at the national average wage for an unskilled common worker.
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