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Thursday, October 05, 2006


The fallout from an impromptu striptease carried out by a young woman in a cattle shed during the Royal Welsh Show continues to reverberate in the Welsh press.

The woman in question was an employee of a large cattle breeder. She performed her act during a party held to celebrate winning a valuable contract. I understand that she no longer works for the company in question.

As a result of her actions there was a disciplinary hearing against her employer to see if he should remain a member of the Welsh Black Society. All in all the whole incident was treated by that society as if it marked the end of civilisation as we know it.

In this context today's letter in the Western Mail should perhaps be treated as tongue-in-cheek. These are my favourite passages:

"Licentious behaviour has no place within the context or proximity of cattle, especially when world-class reputations are at stake - but it is important to remember that the outlandish "dance" was not sanctioned by the Royal Welsh itself.

That the thong was returned to the muddied young woman "on the end of a pitchfork" is strongly indicative of Royal Welsh authorities' desire to bring the regrettable proceedings to an end.

The Western Mail reports that the Welsh Black Society has opted "to cloak the striptease in mystery". It is to be hoped that a veil can indeed be drawn and efforts made to repair damage to the dignity and splendour of the Welsh Black brand."

If we are going to get months of entertainment like this every time perhaps the Royal Welsh authorities should make the striptease an annual event.
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