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Friday, October 27, 2006

Probably the best region in the World.

I am proud to be an Assembly Member whose region is virtually coterminous with that covered by the Ospreys. Based at the Liberty Stadium this is one regional rugby side that seems to be going places this season.

I was quite amused therefore to see that the region has been renamed for Wednesday's match against Australia. I am now the Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for Ospreylia. Beats South Wales West as a name anyday.
Huh! Only 'cos they disbanded the Warriors.....
Yes, the Ospreys are going well. The last gasp win over Wasps was great. But it is the Scarlets that are setting the world on fire. Last night's win over Toulouse's conquerers was a real boost for Welsh rugby. At the moment Regan is King.
In passing, when the first nesting of Ospreys in Wales happened three years ago it was in my village of Berriew - but we kept it secret by sending everyone to the second nest, near Porthmadog which failed to fledge. So I think of Berriew as being in Osprey country as. And I understand that the southern bit of Powys is in Ospreylia as well. Maybe we should ask the Boundary Commission to sort this out.
It hasn't been renamed.

Lots of fans consider themselves "Ospreylians" especially after the demise of the Celtic Warriors; and, the dropping of the prefix Neath-Swansea.

It's a slang reference for the region, one which they are taking full advantage of for publicity with this historic game.

Just got to find out where to get one now.

Hope to see you at the game on Wednesday.
Oh dear. It's half term. What's going to happen to Welsh political blogging?

Peter, I've been a fan of your blog for some time now.

This autumn I've finally got around to doing my own and keeping it updated.

I'm linked to by Iain Dale and Tim Worstall. It would be nice to get some genuine liberals coming my way too.

I've already linked to you on my page and I'd be delighted if you'd put up one in for me.


Thanks for the link Peter. And where have you been for the past four days? Your loyal readers await your next post.
Great result for the Ospreys. Pity about the refereeing which spoilt a flowing game a bit i felt, but am not quarelling with the first sending off which led to the first Osprey try.

Let's hope Wales can do the same on Saturday!
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