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Sunday, April 02, 2006

An alternative reality show

Like Alex Wilcock I am looking forward to the next series of Dr. Who, although I have a nasty suspicion that I may be away for episodes two and three. Must learn how to programme the video.

Wales on Sunday is also getting excited about the forthcoming series. Like the Western Mail they must think that Christmas has come early. A major series written by a Welsh writer, produced by BBC Wales and filmed almost entirely in Wales has given them an opportunity to fill acres of space in their newspapers. With Russell T. Davies suggesting that the next Doctor may be a Welsh actor, it is possible that the blood pressure of the various journalists and editors may need serious attention.

Amongst all of this anticipation the Wales on Sunday does have one interesting scoop. They report a conversation in which Russell T. Davies says that he is in no rush to work with glamour model, Jordan. "You open the papers sometimes and read how Jordan wants to be in Doctor Who and you think 'No chance' - bless her, but no way." But Davies does say he would cast Charlotte Church if she was interested.

For goodness sake, this is a science fiction programme not a Welsh celebrity Who's Who. Still, Wales is back on the media map - for now!
Should you have difficulty with your video, drop me a line - it's just possible I may be recording it.

Meanwhile, for a demonstration of a multilayered and sensitive depiction of Wales from Doctor Who in 1973, tune in to The Green Death this week on BBC4. On second thoughts, perhaps you'd better just wait for the new series...
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