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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Snow business like politics

Greetings from snow-covered Harrogate where the party has just debated and approved a policy to invest £2 billion in the sub-Post Office network. They will do this by separating Post Office Limited from the Royal Mail Group and retaining Post Office Limited in the public sector, giving post offices the opportunity to develop new business.

We are proposing a shared ownership model for Royal Mail with a 51% majority of shares divided equally between the government and a Trust for Royal Mail staff, with half of the remaining 49% of shares sold directly to staff and small investors and the remaining shares being offered for sale to the market. We will guarantee the Universal Service Obligation as a vital public service and effectively allow employees a real stake in the success of the company.

No doubt many will portray this as privatisation but nothing could be further from the truth. It is retaining vital services in the public sector, attracting much needed private investment to bolster a important social business network and guaranteeing a better service to all customers. This is about finding a way forward that will avoid and oppose the Labour Government's plans to close 10,000 Post Offices but will enable us to propose a real and positive alternative.
Great, you can get it all done as soon as you achieve power.
That is the idea
As if anybody could describe breaking up the Royal Mail and selling off the profitable bits as 'privatisation'!

Clearly there are no lengths the Tories and Nu-Labour will not go to decieve the electorate about the Lib Dems ...
Clearly, you have not read the policy either. There are no plans to break up the Royal Mail. It stays intact as a Government and employee controlled business with a golden share. It follows therefore that our policy will not result in profitable bits which can be sold off. In fact people buy a stake in the existing intact business.
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