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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Top money

For those interested in the way that political parties are funded and who cannot be bothered trawling through the Electoral Commission website I would recommend this site run by the New Politics Network.

From a Welsh perspective it is interesting to note that Forward Wales has received just over £30,000 by way of donations from its sole Assembly Member, Dr. John Marek. In fact Dr. Marek appears to be its sole funder.

Those of you who enjoy going to the Glastonbury Festival will be interested in the fact that Glastonbury Festivals Limited gave £5,000 to the South West England Green Party in 2004, whilst it seems that despite the trend for a number of high profile donors to contribute to the Labour Party and then subsequently find themselves in the House of Lords, their major donors remain the Trade Unions.
Thanks for the link, very informative.
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