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Thursday, November 03, 2005


I am told that the packed press conference with Conservative AM, William Graham, and Lemmy of Motorhead on the subject of drugs did not quite go according to plan this afternoon. My spies reported great excitement amongst the gathered masses, which included the Conservative's Assembly Leader, as William Graham introduced the star guest. Words of wisdom were expected condemning the drug culture and urging young people to abstain from the many substances on offer.

Imagine the embarrassment felt by William and his Tory colleagues therefore, when Lemmy told his audience that he believed that heroin should be legalised. Somebody had clearly forgotten to check what he was going to say. Still, it is good that the Conservatives have shown themselves open to new approaches. I am not sure what William's party members in leafy Monmouthshire will say though.
It's a shame you have to depend on 'spies' to report back to you. Perhaps a more hands on approach might have allowed you to take home the core of the message. DRUGS KILL...and what you spies did not tell you was that the suggestion of legalisation was only made because the law is currently inadequate to deal with the scale of the problem and not as a preferred alternative. If ther law was more effective then legalisation would not ever be a consideration. It would appear that somebody in your spy network had "CLEARLY FORGOTTEN TO TELL YOU THE FULL STORY". Still, you are consistant....after all, you have never let accuracy or research stand in the way of shallow comments.
I had to depend on spies because I was in a meeting in Swansea at the time. I never doubted that the message was that drugs kill however I doubt if William Graham would agree that legalisation should be considered because the current law is inadequate. I should think that he would believe that legalisation would lead to deaths as well. That may not be the case but then that is not the point.

The point of this posting was not to discuss the efficacy of Lemmy's view, but to draw attention to the embarrassment that this caused to his host. It seems that the media agree with me that this was the story as well, and they were there!
Ahhh, if all our friends in politics were as straight talking as Mr Kiddiminster. Lemmy is making the point that Einstin made so well, but in a specific context, you can't solve today's problem with the thinking that created them, you sometime need to think outside the box. Whats important, the story or the underlying issue? Sorry, your blog and the reply reads as if story is more significant to you than the underlying issue. Fair play to the Mr Graham, I am no suppporter of the Tories, but he at least tried something different and its very petty inded to be critical of him. I don't know if Lemmy is right or wrong on the Heroin subject, I guess he has lost more friends to the drug than all the assembly members put togther so has a perspective well worth listening to. And he does know how to put on a very good rock and roll show!
I don't know if Lemmy is right or wrong either but I agree he is worth listening too. That should not stop me having a bit of fun at William Graham's expense. All the serious stuff is on my main website I am afraid.
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