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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gravy train

On a more mundane note the Western Mail devotes most of page three this morning to a campaign by Assembly Member support staff to get some decent food into our canteen. I could not agree more. The range of exotic and largely experimental dishes served up on a Tuesday and a Wednesday are largely indigestible as far as I am concerned, whilst if you go in there on other weekdays the choice and the available quantities are limited. Some plain nutritional cooking would not go amiss.

As for the members' dining room, I can see that it is useful to entertain guests but if it does have a separate menu then how can that be justified. When I eat a proper meal in the Assembly I always eat with the staff so I have to confess that my knowledge of the 'members' menu' is limited, however I can see no justification for us to be treated any differently in the choices of available food than anybody else who works in Cardiff Bay.
The food in the Assembly canteen is perfectly adequate. A varied choice every day, a salad bar and a sandwich bar. What else does one need!? The people who have signed this petition need a slap and I'm sure the staff who work hard in the canteen would be at the front of the queue to dish it out!
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