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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Clear red water?

The attack by Rhondda MP, Chris Bryant, on the Labour Assembly Government this morning was predictable but unexpected. Mr. Bryant wants the First Minister to adopt more of the "choice" agenda in health and education favoured for England by Prime Minister Tony Blair. He believes that unless this is done then his constituents will suffer from inferior services. The evidence for this view is uncertain to say the least and there are indications that this approach is not favoured by the Welsh electorate, but he is entitled to his point of view.

Chris Bryant's pamphlet will make interesting reading, however, it shows that many Labour MPs still have problems grasping what devolution is all about. Given that the privatising agenda that Chris Bryant wants the Welsh Assembly to adopt is only being championed here by the Welsh Conservative Group, then the solution seems obvious. At the next Assembly elections he should vote with his conscience and put his cross next to the name of his local Tory candidate.
"predictable but unexpected"

that can't be right surly?
Well the publication of the pamphlet was not expected by me. Did you expect it?
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