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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Booby prize

Whilst the House of Lords remains unreformed and its membership determined by Party patronage it's credibility will always be questioned. The latest batch of peers, the names of whom are leaking out at a rate of knots, underlines this point. Amongst them are people who have given hundreds of thousands of pounds between them to the Labour and Conservative Parties. Their peerages undermine the political process.

The other interesting leak is that one of the new Peers is to be Maggie Jones, the woman who lost Labour's safest seat in Wales last May. To be fair it was not entirely her doing. The events leading up to that defeat are well-documented and it is fair to say that the vast majority of the blame for a 19,000 Labour majority becoming a 9,000 margin of victory for Independent, Peter Law, has to lie with the Wales Labour Party. Nevertheless, the enoblement of Maggie Jones does give the impression that her peerage is the booby prize, and what does that say about the House of Lords?

Update: James Graham has an interesting take on Maggie Jones and the Terrorism vote:

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