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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Who should I vote for?

Now this was a surprise!! :-))

Your expected outcome:

Liberal Democrat

Your actual outcome:
Labour 2
Conservative -69
Liberal Democrat 98
UK Independence Party -30
Green 64

You should vote: Liberal Democrat

The LibDems take a strong stand against tax cuts and a strong one in favour of public services: they would make long-term residential care for the elderly free across the UK, and scrap university tuition fees. They are in favour of a ban on smoking in public places, but would relax laws on cannabis. They propose to change vehicle taxation to be based on usage rather than ownership.

Take the test at Who Should You Vote For

I'll be likely to vote for the first candidate to bother to contact me.

My MP's Simon Thomas and neither he nor anyone from Plaid has knocked at my door or posted any campaign material through it - Simon's probably too busy with his preposterous campaign to impeach Blair.

But he's not alone. I haven't had any contact from any party at all. Is this usual in Wales?
In Ceredigion it is unusual as the Liberal Democrats feel that they have a real chance of winning this time. I hope that you have had some literature at least. If you e-mail me your address David I will pass it onto Mark Williams and ask him to call. After all, every vote counts and there are only two possible votes that will make a difference where you live.
I see what you mean, Peter - Lib Dems 2nd to Plaid with a rising proportion of the vote from 23% in the by-election to 26.9% in the General election.

According to theyworkforyou.com (excellent site) , Simon's voting record shows he's recently asked 5 questions on the subject of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline, which seems an odd concern for a member of a minority party with such specifically regional interests.

And he used to work in the National Library, which might be one reason why he appeared less bothered about a ... certain issue ... than I expected he might have been, given it involved £150,000 of public money.

And he was against the hunting ban so anyone who isn't keen on tearing foxes apart for amusement might consider tactical voting.

I wonder if I could setup something similar to theyworkforyou for the Welsh Assembly. It would have to operate off currently online published data.
So a little part of you wants to vote Labour
An even bigger part wants to vote Green Peter. Follow your friends
Peter and be free.

Thank you Claire for that psychological insight into Peter-all he has to do is follow Stuart and Steph to the truth. It is hard when someones friends see the truth before one does. But of course there is that small matter of ones salary or as Mr Cohen says "They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom for trying to change the system from within"
Martyn how did you come out?

Isn't there part of you that wants to be a Lib Dem again?

My second was Green 32 but I'd still rather vote looney then green it makes more sense
Oh Claire, I am so touched. I am afraid that the test does not represent the true complexity of the political system. All of the big four parties share the same outlook.

Try the political compass(www.politicalcompass.org) It is far more revealing and neither your Peter would dare publish the results.
Actually I have tried it and published my results on the LDYS forums
I have done the quiz and I came across as Libertarian left. What is the problem?
I think it told martyn to vote Lib Dem and he is frighted to come back to the dark side
I think Peter the only party on the libertarian left are the greens
please look further as see where the Lib Dems are!
Now you are deluding yourself Martyn. Green policies are no more libertarian than Genghis Khan. You have spent almost the entire twenty five years I have known you posturing like this. Would it not be better if we concentrated on policy and how it can be practically delivered for the public good instead of squabbling over who is more left or more libertarian that the other?
Martyn why won't you tell anyone what you got in the first one.

Obviously all Lib Dems are in a box and all think and act the same
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