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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Wedding delays

Where Prince Charles leads, Lembit Opik follows. According to David Cornock, Lembit and Sian have also delayed their wedding. The reason they gave was that there was not enough time to carry out all the arrangements after the General Election.

Charles and Camilla, of course, moved their wedding to Saturday so that the Prince could attend the Pope's funeral. One consequence of that decision is that the time of the Grand National has been put back so as not to clash. Presumably, Charles was anxious not to miss the race.

Still at least Ken and Deirdre are still getting married on Friday, unless you know different...
This is really puzzling – the Heir to the Throne organises his wedding in less than 6 weeks – but Lembit and Sian need to cancel their wedding – which was due to happen in October – because there wasn’t enough time!

Why do you need more 5 months to organise a wedding? Yet another bizarre PR stunt I’d say!
Far from me to comment. I suspect that Charles and Camilla have a lot of paid staff to do all the organising for them whereas Lembit and Sian are doing it all themselves. Having helped to organise my own wedding in 2000 I know how time-consuming it can be.
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