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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Unexpected support

Has the Labour MP for Cardiff Central accepted the inevitable? This quote is from a letter he wrote to the Western Mail and which was published today:

"Clearly what the general election should produce is more Liberal MPs and less Labour"
The fuller context of Jon Owen Jones’ letter -
“The Labour government has delivered a strong economy and been able to considerably increase health spending across Britain. However, the management of the service is devolved on the mainland to the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly but remains with Westminster for England. English performance in many areas is ahead of Wales and Scotland.” – (And Welsh performance in many areas is ahead of that of England.)
“Over the last six years, Westminster has benefited from a large Labour majority, Scotland has been governed by a Liberal/Labour coalition, and Wales governed by a Liberal/Labour coalition, followed by a tenuous Labour majority.”
“Clearly what the general election should produce is more Liberal MPs and less Labour, then England, Wales and Scotland will manage the health service in a similar fashion and English waiting times will be no better than anywhere else.”
I read that as being an attack on the Liberal Democrats…not support!!
Labour are experts at taking quotes out of context and using them as ammunition
But hang on – you’re the one that’s taken his quotes out of context and used it as ammunition, I’m just putting the quotes back into context so that you can’t twist his words and use them against him!
If this were so then now you know what it feels like!
Not really – because they’re not my quotes – and I wasn’t the one who took an MP’s words out of context, and admitting to doing so.

As I now have your attention – can I ask you two questions? 1) why the sudden change of candidate in Neath? and 2) do you still abide by your statement late last year that you think the downgrade of Pontardawe fire station is wrong (and by the way, you wrote to the wrong Fire authority) or do you support your coalition colleague, Cllr. Gareth Sullivan’s views?
Sorry – MP’s views should be Labour’s Cardiff Central PPC’s views
To be fair, the letter by Jon Owen Jones was not the best written I have ever read. It was ambiguous and unclear. I had to read it three times to establish what he was trying to say and I only did that because I could not believe that he was saying what the letter actually said.

I was not aware that we had changed our candidate in Neath. We were certainly very late in confirming who it would be and there was a selection process but Sheila Waye, once selected, has stuck to the job.

My position on the Pontardawe Fire Station has not changed. I checked the correspondence file before posting this and I can confirm that not only did I write to the Chair and Chief Fire Officer of the Mid and West Wales Fire Brigade but also met them twice on this issue. That is the correct Fire Authority.

I am reluctant to allow threads to diverge too much from the subject matter of the original post. This is not an open forum and the comments facility is there for people to comment on the post not to turn it into a question and answer session. If you wish to continue the discussion on Neath and Pontardawe can I suggest therefore that you do so by e-mail? Thanks.
I understand from several websites that your original candidate was Frank Little?

From your website - "I have written to the Chief Fire Officer of the South Wales Fire & Rescue Service pointing out the dramatic impact on the emergency response the proposed downgrading will have" said Peter Black

So you do in fact disagree with Cllr. Gareth Sullivan on this issue?

I won’t go any further on this here – as you’ve requested.
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