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Friday, April 29, 2005

Taxing our intelligence

So, Michael Howard comes to Wales and announces that a conservative government at Westminster would provide the cash for a council tax rebate for Welsh pensioners. His plan is that he will give the money to the Welsh Assembly Government and challenge Rhodri Morgan to implement the policy or explain to pensioners why they are losing out.

Putting aside the fact that he is just tinkering with the system and failing to address the real inequality in Council Tax (a local income tax will take a large number of pensioners out of taxation altogether), the big problem with Mr. Howard's latest promise is that it is not in the Welsh Conservative manifesto. In addition, the cost of this new pledge has not been included in their manifesto costings either. The Tory economic black hole is just growing bigger.
As hard as I try I just cannot understand the Conservative economic policies. Are they seriously announcing that they can cut taxes, increase public spending, reduce the national debt and now give a council tax rebate to pensioners all at the same time? This smells a little like a return to "Boom and Bust" economics to me.

At least the Liberal Democrats are honest about where the money is going to come from to finance the increase in public spending proposed by Charles Kennedy
Noted uberblogger Tom Coates has been taken to task about starting his entries with the word, 'So'. See here:




I suppose you are doing this deliberately...
No it is just a really bad stylistic habit. So, I will have to try and restrain myself.
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