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Friday, April 15, 2005

Standing out from the crowd

I am well known for my love of bright and colourful (but classy) ties. Some have speculated that I joined the Liberals and subsequently the Liberal Democrats, because of their use of dayglo orange posters. I was very amused therefore by this tongue-in-cheek comment on Sandra Gidley's blog:

Dayglo orange....dazzles drivers whilst going past and full of artificial preservatives. Have a habit of springing up like ragwort, hence difficult to eradicate and not environmentally friendly.

Clearly, we will have to have a re-think.....not!
there are worst reasons to join a party, like say Matt O'Grady's. didn't bright orange posters interest you at all?
The problem is if the sole motivation for joining a party is the love of bright orange, then you could find yourself allied with Robert Kilroy-Silk.

What was Matt O'Grady's reason for joining?
Or with Peter Hain

Matt was told that joining a political party would look good on his CV and UCAS form and so RANDOMLY picked between the Lib Dems and Labour because they where the only active parties in his area and picked the Lib Dems, then realised that he agreed with our policies. That's how close we lost Matt to the Labour party.
If he made a conscious decision to join the Lib Dems, you may have some justification in celebrating – but as he RANDOMLY chose to join you, I wouldn’t exactly call that an overwhelming endorsement!
whatever his reason for joining doesn't really matter he truely agrees with our policies and activly endorses them and is a Liberal Democrat at heart
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