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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Spotlight on Asylum (2)

Of course the Conservatives are using every known trick to get their message on immigration across to the electorate. Their hypocrisy on this subject however was exposed by The Times this morning with a before and after photo of the Tory candidate for Dorset South with former Home Office Minister, Ann Widdicombe.

In the first picture, the Tory candidate, Ed Matts, stands in front of a crowd and is holding a photograph of the family of a deported asylum seeker. Ann Widdecombe displays a placard saying: “Let them stay”. The second image is from Mr Matts’s election literature. The crowd has disappeared and the words are changed. Mr Matt's photograph is now a placard calling for 'controlled immigration', Miss Widdicombe is now calling for 'not chaos and inhumanity'.

The Times records: 'Mr Matts has admitted doctoring the photograph because voters would “not understand” that Tory policy is for “controlled immigration” and “humane limits on asylum applications”. He says that he has done nothing wrong. Labour accuses the Tories of “organised deceit”.'

Yeah, right!
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