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Monday, April 25, 2005

Saying it with knickers

With thanks to regular comment contributor, Claire Smalley, for bringing it to my attention, this site enables you to express your politics through your underwear. Rather intriquingly the site also contains a poll indicating which parties are most popular amongst knicker-buyers.

Currently, those saucy Tories are in the lead, with the open-minded Liberal Democrats in second place. Labour, who appear to be having problems covering up their inadequacies in the underwear stakes, are trailing in fourth. This is one on-line poll that will be difficult to hi-jack.
So late at night Claire searchs web sites about underware and politics . Its ok!
I am sure that the invisibilty of the Greens in this poll tells us a

Perhaps some Greens do not wear anything or others are more interested in the person with or without their underware. Oh dear how repressed the Liberal Democrats are..it is even more revealing about the Conseravative Party. I think true radicals do not confuse underware and sexuality
It is spelt UNDERWEAR

Peter there has been a sudden jump in our sales have you anything to tell us?
Not me, they are not colourful enough! :-)
Just testing you Claire. Of course it is spelt underwear..But you must give up your obsession with them.(Underwear that is)
Of course you where testing me because you are that childish.

We got one of your leaflets Martyn my flatmate though you looked like Michael Howard and wondered what you where doing on a Green leaflet
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